Hello.  I’m Kaleb Pederson, a professional programmer and software craftsman, though firstly a husband, father, and Christian. This blog, however, is about programming, entrepreneurship, and software craftsmanship with a touch of things pertaining to general life.

My first computer was a used Radio Shack TRS-80. After receiving it as a birthday present, I started getting books from the library and introduced myself to BASIC.  My first attempts programming led me to participate in numerous contests in high school that involved programming tidbits and questions.

Although my first attempts at learning to program were with BASIC and Pascal, my first real introduction to software development started in 1995 with a relational database programming project using an Alpha 5 database, which included a BASIC variant called X-Basic (IIRC).

In my formal education I started studying engineering and mathematics but diverted to Computer Science in which I now have a Master’s of Science degree.

I currently work at NextIT where I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity to improve my skills as a software craftsman.