Splitting documents vertically in Visual Studio 2010

Apparently it’s not common knowledge that you can split documents vertically in Visual Studio 2010. You’ll need to do two things to enable this functionality:

NOTE: It turns out I was wrong about where this functionality comes from. Although “Document Well 2010 Plus” (a.k.a “Document Tab Well”) does add quite a bit if nice functionality, it’s not necessary. You may entirely skip the Productivity Power Tools steps listed below.

  1. Download the Productivity Power Tools extension, and
  2. Enable “Document Well 2010 Plus” under Tools -> Options -> Productivity Power Tools  
  3. [Optional] Configure the “Document Tab Well” extension under Tools -> Options -> Productivity Power Tools -> Document Tab Well -> General

Now to split vertically, open a couple of files, then click and drag one of the tabs towards the center of the document.  Once you’ve dragged it sufficiently far a drop target will appear in the center of the screen:



And congratulations, you can now split documents vertically!

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  1. accolade March 12, 2012 at 2:39 pm #

    I wouldn’t call that “splitting documents” but “splitting windows”. To get a second view on the same file, choose menu Window → New Window to create a clone of the current tab.

    Source: http://choorucode.wordpress.com/2012/02/22/visual-studio-vertical-split-of-same-file/

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